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4th Avenue Publishing is a spin-off from our established music publishing operations, 1201 Music - a music publisher / label having been in business for 15 years through its associated labels. 4th Avenue Publishing specializes in the advertising publishing field.

The company has the many resources of 1201 Music available, starting from the refined design know-how deployed in its design studios, to sophisticated, high quality manufacturing plants, to a very deep and long-term knowledge of the consumer advertising and promotions field.

1201 Music has successfully aided major corporations in their marketing and promotional campaigns with sophisticated cross promotions. For examples, please click here.

In its diversification efforts, the company is creating new entities in the ad publishing field and is inviting qualified candidates to contact us.

4th Avenue Publishing
PO Box 3322
Sea Bright, NJ 07760
Tel. (732) 872-0014
Fax (732) 872-6669