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Published Ad Books / Relocation Guides

Due to non-disclosure & confidentiality agreements, we can not provide you with a reference listing of publications and clients on the internet. We honor the requests of our clients to maintain their competitive advantage in a fiercely competitive environment.

However, we do have selected approval to utilize certain past publications for personal visit demonstration purposes and will be happy to provide you with a sampling of books, demonstrating the sophisticated approach being taken by leading corporate entities in their field.

RESOURCES Real Estate Edition click here.

For example, 4th Avenue Publishing currently develops custom real estate relocation guides which the company provides to realtors at no charge. Realtors utilize these guides for consumers in their search for a new home, providing strong moving support to new families in the area.

Realtors gain several benefits:

  • Professional appearance - provide a comprehensive collection of information, nicely organized
  • Ensure continued listings and referrals with guaranteed repeat ad impressions all year long
  • Obtain a comprehensive guide - no missing of information

    Advertisers find themselves with these advantages:

  • Ensure continued business referrals by advertising with a local realtor
  • Obtain maximum ad effectiveness with subtle persuasion
  • Pass your competition - avoid expensive advertising by trying to later capture the consumer away from your competition
  • Use a highly targeted approach - with no waste of ad dollars
  • Guaranteed repeat ad impressions all year long - the most effective way to advertise

    Please contact us for a personal presentation, and our sales staff will be happy to present the entire concept to you.

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