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New Artist Sampler Program

1201 Music Inc., in conjunction with IWS License Corporation, has recently formed a division to market the talents of selected, designated artists. Accordingly, 1201 Music will market various promotional samplers each year to leading US / Canadian radio stations, press and retail outlets in an effort to provide exposure for a selected few artists. This program was designed with the individual artist's needs in mind providing some crucial advantages

- significant exposure in a very competitive entertainment market

- access to key national retailers, normally limited to a few distributors

- a limited financial risk for you as an inexpensive means to test acceptance

Whereas a limited, individual marketing campaign can typically run between $15,000 to 25,000 for a new artist, but often with a much higher investment, this new program is available at $2,785 per chosen track, maximizing the impact of an modest up front investment cost. Depending on your particular preference, you can chose to be represented on multiple cuts on each sampler.

The program is supported by the broad resources of 1201 Music with wide access to radio, press and retail, including well established contacts in overseas markets.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss this opportunity further

Program Outline:

a) Selected artists will submit previously or newly recorded material that is NOT subject to any recording contracts with third parties

b) A 1201 Music producer will then review the material and suggest which song is most appropriate on differently themed individual samplers

c) Upon acceptance of a song, a contract will be issued to the respective artist and a payment of $2,785 is due from the artist (in case, an artist likes to showcase several songs, a multiple fee is due)

d) 1201 Music will then develop artwork, perform the mastering and sequencing or any other work needed for the manufacturing process.

e) It is estimated that approximately 2,000 - 3,000 samplers will be manufactured. These will be full length, 13-15 cuts, high quality samplers, composed around particular themes.

f) 1201 Music will distribute these samplers as follows 900 samplers to radio stations, leading press, key retail locations, wholesaler, distributors 900 samplers for web based campaigns / test marketing 750 samplers to artist for own usage (50 for each cut)

g) Each artist will receive 50 samplers for his/her own usage. More samplers are available at a cost of $3.00/ CD

h) A national radio promoter will promote said recordings to top US New Adult Contemporary (NAC) and Jazz radio stations, and selected Canadian stations

i) 1201 Music will attempt to place samplers into selected outlets for marketing test purposes

j) Approximately 900 samplers will be used for direct mail / web based promotions for consumer testing.

k) Song sampling available (45sec) on 1201 Music's web site via MP3 streaming technology

l) Upon consumer acceptance of a specific song, 1201 Music will propose a full scale artist recording contract with specific new release projects.