Various Artists : Hip Jazz Bop - Chaos Out Of Order: Jazz Essentials by Jazz Greats

Ben Webster - Blues For Herluf - 5.23
Bud Powell - Blues In The Closet - 5.17
Duke Pearson - Bags Groove - 4.59
Earl Hines - Swingin' Away - 5.44
Hampton Hawes - Black Forest - 5.40
Kenny Dorham - Avars - 7.35
Sonny Stitt - Loverman - 5.12
Stephane Grappelli/Earl Hines - Memories Of You - 4.09
Thelonious Monk - Something In Blue - 6.38
Various Artists - Blues For Herluf - 5.23
Zoot Sims/Bob Brookmeyer - Morning Fun - 5.03

Chaos Out of Order...Isn't that what jazz does...create chaos out of order? This edition of Hip Jazz-Bop! will take you out of your orderly existence and put you into a somewhat chaotic, lively, cholesterol raising environment likely to inspire inventive, fanciful daydreams. Ben Webster, 'Blues For Herluf', 5.23 he wore a very cool pork pie hat and blew wild and free... Zoot Sims/Bob Brookmeyer, 'Morning Fun', 5.03 as enhancing as three café mochas... Thelonious Monk 'Someting In Blue', 6.38 the perfect amount of notes left unsaid... Kenny Dorham, "Avars" 7:35 a creative, burning glow... Stephane Grappelli, 'Memories Of You', 4.09 the perfect finale to a playful black and white film... Sonny Stitt "Loverman" 5:12 charming and captivating alto... Duke Pearson, 'Bags Groove', 4.59 you may be surprised at how cool duke plays the piano... Hampton Hawes, 'Black Forest', 5.40 fast fingers and quick piano runs... Bud Powell, 'Blues In The Closet', 5.17 scatters notes as effortlessly as a gifted tailback sheds tackles... Earl Hines, 'Swingin' Away', 5.44 breezy...frolicsome...exultant...jazz.

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