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Various Artists : Hip Jazz Bop - Tourist Season: Jazz Essentials by Jazz Greats

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Ben Webster - The Jeep Is Jumping - 5.36
Bud Powell - Shaw Nuff - 3.16
Count Basie - In Case You Didn'T Know - 5.36
Dexter Gordon - For All We Know - 8.48
Don Byas - Anthropology - 5.48
Grant Green - Reaching Out - 5.21
Kenny Dorham - Soul Support (Take 2) - 5.10
Philly Jo Jones - Ladybird - 5.19
Sonny Stitt - Hello - 6.57
Thelonious Monk - Criss Cross - 3.41
Various Artists - Shaw Nuff - 3.16

Tourist Season (CD-1) A time to visit exotic new locations, and what better retreat than Hip Jazz-Bop!?? ... Relax in the luxurious heat provided by jazz guys like Bud Powell, Dexter Gordon, Thelonious Monk, Sonny Stitt...No sun tan lotion required! No time for poetry but exactly what it is (CD-2) Jazz poetry, Hip Jazz-Bop! fashion...Re-introduce yourself to a little used corner of your soul via the likes of Thelonious Monk, Zoot Sims, Miles Davis and Ben Webster...Exceedingly listenable, delightful, energetic indeed, poetic... Make time... Today? Not your typical self made man (CD-3) Jazz is not your typical lifestyle. Are you typical? Hip-Jazz-Bop! isn't either...Your time spent while listening to this will not be typical. The people you surround yourself with while listening will no longer be typical either. Average? Maybe...Find exciting performances from jazz musicians like Dexter Gordon, Miles Davis, Bud Powell and Lee Konitz enclosed. ==== ==== ==== Bud Powell, 'Shaw Nuff', 4.33 --- have any idea how fast he plays??? Philly Joe Jones, 'Lady Bird', 5.20 ---- miles davis' drummer partakes in a playful flight of fancy... Dexter Gordon, 'For All We Know', 8.38---a mythic, legendary giant of jazz... Grant Green, 'Reaching Out', 5.30 --- bustling and enthusiastic jazz guitar... Thelonious Monk, 'Criss Cross', 3.39 ---- backwards twisted unconstrained irresistable. Ben Webster,'The Jeep Is Jumping', 5.38 --- a boisterous, feverish, flurry of excitement ... Count Basie, 'In Case You Didn't Know', 5.37 --- free and easy swing with unshackled spirit ... Kenny Dorham, 'Soul Support', 5.08 --- lazy and spontaneous and carefree ... Sonny Stitt, 'Hello', 6.49 --- ecstatic blowing and wild abandon... Don Byas, 'Anthropology', 5.46 --- theory of sax evolution class taught here Zoot Sims/Bob Brookmeyer, 'Mr. Moon', 4.56 --- instantly gratifying... Kenny Dorham, 'An Oscar For Oscar', 6.18 --- hard bop trumpet ...crisp...sharp...energetic. Thelonious Monk, 'Nice Work If You Can Get It,' 5.17 --- no time clock required... Wardell Gray, 'One For Prez', 3.12 --- LA sax legend makes you wish it were 1946... Lee Konitz, 'Skylark', 3.00 --- looks like a professor...sings alto like a meadowlark. Ben Webster, 'Autumn Leaves', 5.17 --- lush during winter, spring, and summer also... Howard McGhee, 'Sharp Edge', 6.02 --- a startling and euphoric sound... Johnny Griffin, 'Sophisticated Lady', 5.44 --- clear the room of clutter and hold your significant other...tight. Thelonious Monk, 'Nutty', 4.12 --- lots and lots of notes...lots left out also. Miles Davis, 'I've Always Got The Blues', 3.08 --- blues trumpet...sad, despondent female at the microphone. Howard McGhee,'Arbee', 6.27--- you'll be asking "who IS this guy? while your spirits soar... Stephane Grappelli,'Fine and Dandy', 3.37 --- unconfined...whimsical...playful...inspiring. Miles Davis, 'Don't Sing Me The Blues', 2.54 --- miles blows muted trumpet... Bud Powell, 'Salt Peanuts', 3.15 --- the world refers to him simply as "genius"... Dexter Gordon, 'I Guess I'll Have To Hang My Hat', 6.08 --tender...romantic...sensitive...sentimental. Art Tatum, 'Body and Soul', 2.19 --- every jazz pianist's idol... Lee Konitz, 'Mean to Me', 3.35 --- lively and blissful alto singing a familiar song... Ben Webster, 'Perdido', 7.22 --- may be the warmest, most beloved of all jazz musicians... Grant Green, 'One For Elena', 6.13 --- vivacious...a direct hit to your nervous system. Kenny Dorham, 'Grand Street', 6.00 --- spirited and animated be bop...

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