Various Artists : Hip Jazz Bop - Over A Million Served: Jazz Essentials by Jazz Greats

Donald Byrd - Sudel (Take 2) - 7.08
Duke Ellington - Take The 'A' Train - 3.49
Earl Hines - Le Bijou - 5.43
Kenny Dorham - Stella By Starlight (Take 1) - 4.59
Miles Davis - Baby, Won'T You Make Up Your Mind (Take 3) - 3.12
Oscar Pettiford - There Will Never Be Another You - 5.51
Stephane Grappelli - I Saw Stars - 3.12
Thelonious Monk - Ruby My Dear - 6.09
Various Artists - Take The 'A' Train - 3.49
Zoot Sims/Bob Brookmeyer - Blue Skies - 4.53
Zoot Sims/Bob Brookmeyer - The Chant - 4.27

Over A Million Served...virtually every one satisfied!..Take this disc home and discover the tastes of Hip Jazz-Bop! as served up by guys named Monk and Zoot and Duke...morsels of jazz designed to create a habit forming appetite for the sound. Duke Ellington, 'Take The A Train', 3.49 inspires a brisk walk down broadway... Earl Hines, 'Le Bijou', 5.43 joyous...winsome...hearty...exultant. Kenny Dorham, 'Stella By Starlight', 4.59 polished and seductive...like an almost perfect romance. Zoot Sims/Bob Brookmeyer, 'Blue Skies', 4.53 no better prescription for the blues exists...crisp and upbeat. Thelonious Monk, 'Ruby, My Dear', 6.09 lucid and heartwarming ballad...an underground classic. Miles Davis, 'Baby Won't You Make Up Your Mind', 3.12 not asking too much, is it?? Oscar Pettiford, 'There Will Never Be Another You', 5.51 free play and full swing... Stephane Grappelli, 'I Saw Stars', 3.12 whimsical imagination that sets your wits to work... Donald Byrd, 'Sudel', 7.08 a sleek and vivacious afternoon diversion... Zoot Sims/Bob Brookmeyer, 'The Chant', 4.27 bustling and animated...an unlimited groove.

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