Denny Jiosa - Body2Body

Body2Body - 4.23
Cool Shoes - 4.21
Il Dolce Per Due - 4.30
Europa - 4.40
Dreaming In Blue - 4.45
Peace In Manhattan - 4.24
You'Re Like Chocolate To Me - 4.41
Into The Storm - 4.52
Them Changes - 4.44
Europa - 4.43



Over the past few years, we have been privileged to chronicle the artistic growth of Nashville-based Denny Jiosa, composer, producer, actor, first-call studio musician and guitarist of surpassing skill. We started in 1995 with Moving Pictures, Jiosa's chart-topping debut album. We continue now, four hit CDs later, with body2body, the artist's strongest statement to date.

All of Jiosa's trademarks are here: the rhythmic drive, the witty, nifty sense of fun, the lovely way with a melody, the ever-surprising harmonies, the commanding technique that handles the most hair-raising phrases with ease, but never gets in the way of the music. Above all, body2body confirms Jiosa's ability to keep the music fresh and unpredictable - in stark contrast to the predictability that infects the NAC charts these days.

Consider the title track, which gets things going in a sprightly, upbeat fashion. Jiosa plays the main theme in triple octaves, a tribute to his favorite guitarist, Wes Montgomery, who first popularized the (very difficult) technique. It's all very fresh, funky and fun. But with Jiosa, you know that something more is coming. It arrives in the improvised chorus, a delightful trip through tangy, offbeat harmonies - brought full-circle by a touch of pure genius: a single, sustained note that swings the entire piece seamlessly back to the opening theme. It's pure wit, pure spontaneity, and if it doesn't make you smile you probably need CPR.

body2body is filled with felicities like that. Listen to the two very different treatments of "Europa," a tribute to another great guitarist, Carlos Santana. The first cut treats Santana's pretty tune with seemly NAC reserve. The remix rocks out. "I wanted to show a side of myself that listeners haven't heard if they haven't seen me in concert," Jiosa says.

In total contrast, "Peace in Manhattan" is a restrained, heartfelt tribute to the victims of the World Trade Center tragedy. "We were in the recording studio just a week after the attack and wondering if we should be there at all," Jiosa says. "In the end, we decided that life has to go on, but we at least wanted to pay a small tribute to the victims."

It should be noted that Jiosa not only plays the guitars on body2body, he also wrote or co-wrote most of the tunes, did the arranging and produced the recording - all roles he has honed to perfection over the years. As a guitarist, he has performed and toured with the likes of Kirk Whalum, B.B. King, Steve Winwood, Bo Didley, Leon Russell and Glen Campbell. As a producer and recording engineer, he has contributed to chart-topping projects that have garnered 12 national awards since 1990, most notably CDs by gospel singer Yolanda Adams for which Denny Jiosa received three Grammy Nominations (furthermore, he received the '97 SESAC National Performance Award for most NAC airplay for Lights In The City.) As an actor, Jiosa has also spent years mastering and refining his craft on regional stages.

Jiosa grew up in Indiana and first picked up the guitar at the age of 7. A few years later, he was in Los Angeles, where he graduated from the prestigious Guitar Institute of Technology after studying with the internationally renowned Frank Gambale. Then came years of touring, composing, studio work and exposure to different musical genres - a time of paying his professional dues and developing his personal style.

That style is now fully mature and uniquely his own. The man can caress a ballad, and he can flat-out cook. Above all, he brings wit, originality and human warmth to a genre that sorely needs all three.

visit Denny at www.dennyjiosa.com

denny uses Hofner Guitars / Elixir Strings / Mesa Boogie amps / ADK microphones / Horizon Cables / Yamaha DG stomp / Carlo Cases / Gibson Guitars

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