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Obo - Leporello Musicado

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Musicado No. 3 - 4.33
Musicado No. 2 - 3.39
Musicado No. 1 - 2.45
Musicado No. 9 - 1.39
Musicado No. 4 - 3.51
Musicado No. 6 - 3.46
Musicado No. 8 - 3.01
Musicado No. 5 - 5.10
Vernissage Part 1 - 2.52
Vernissage Part 2 - 5.09
Vernissage Part 3 - 3.14
Vernissage Part 4 - 1.55
Musicado No. 7 - 2.09

Obo's name has became synonymous for guitar music in the past thirty years Ð Obo, a name that was initially conceived for his sister playing the oboe. His compositions are based on the roots of traditional Spanish guitar music and deeply combine Andalusian sounds with Carribean rhythms to produce gentle and catchy guitar tunes. Born in 1950, Obo has very early dedicated himself to playing the guitar. As guitar duo "Obo y Jorge, El Duo Flamenco" he released numerous recordings with a repertoire ranging from traditional Spanish guitar music to contemporary arrangements. Since 1978 he has traveled the world delighting audiences in concerts, on television and radio. It is difficult to classify the beautiful music of OBO's most recent CD. He calls the compositions "Musicados" because they are arranged like images on an unfolding concertina (Leporello). Some would describe his music as "neo-classic" others call it "worldmusic" from Latin America or just "music for guitar". You can hear various Latin American rhythms (from Salsa to Bossa Nova) and lots of vivaciously played acoustic guitar, percussion, double bass and keyboard. However, there are calm pieces as well, recorded and arranged with great sense of good taste and virtuosity. Special attention should be paid to the songs OBO has recorded with double bass player Vitold Rek from Krakau, Poland (take the 6 Musicado no. 6 or the Suite Vernissage, referring to the primary colors of painting). On this recording OBO joins the two arts, music and painting. He composes his music in the unique setting, the "Wasserturm" (water tower) in Darmstadt/Germany (, which is also used for events as well as an artist's studio. It is here where he tries to link art with music. His guitar music comes into being spontaneously like the images on an artist's canvas. The CD-cover art, a concertina, was especially designed by artist Annette Bischoff ( to create a link between the music and painting. For 30 years OBO has been combining Andalusian and Latin American rhythms with his own melodies. Since then, he has released six recordings. His Mediterranean-style melodies and warm sounds are embedded in a tasteful arrangement of popular music, jazz and classic. The musicians on this recording include OBO Ð guitar; Vitold Rek - double bass (cut 6,9,10,11,12); Christian Paulus Ð percussion; Bertram Sieper Ð keyboard; and Wolfgang Ritter - double bass (cut 1,3,5,8)

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