Various Artists : Hip Jazz Bop - Wealth Is Overrated: Jazz Essentials by Jazz Greats

Count Basie - Ingin' The Ooh - 5.23
Donald Byrd - Hush! (Take 1) - 7.30
Duke Ellington - Taffy Twist - 5.49
Freddie Hubbard - Apothegm - 5.25
Kenny Dorham - West 42Nd Street - 3.45
Lee Konitz - Bop Goes The Leesel - 2.42
Mal Waldron - Mean To Me - 3.01
Randy Weston - Berkshire Blues - 4.10
Thelonious Monk - I Mean You - 7.49
Various Artists - West 42Nd Street - 3.45
Zoot Sims/Bob Brookmeyer - Whoooee! - 5.07

Wealth Is Overrated! Of course it is! What good is wealth? Who needs wealth??...Hip Jazz-Bop! replaces wealth with energy...vitality...wisdom...fun!.. Lots of fun jazz by interesting jazz people, like Monk, Kenny Dorham, Freddie Hubbard, Duke Ellington...Listen and feel your need for wealth replaced by a desire to unlace your shoes. Kenny Dorham, 'West 42nd Street', 3.45 joyous...loud...energetic...hard bop. Lee Konitz, 'Bop Goes The Leesel', 2.42 quick and crisp measures of delight... Mal Waldron, 'Mean To Me', 3.01 playful piano...very playful. Duke Ellington, 'Taffy Twist', 5.49 hard not to think about new york dance floors and tuxedos... Zoot Sims/Bob Brookmeyer, 'Whooee', 5.07 short and blistering jolts of bop... Randy Weston, 'Berkshire Blues', 4.10 sometimes...the simplest sounds...are the most seductive. Freddie Hubbard, 'Apothegm', 5.02 soft as a feather bed... Count Basie, 'Ingin' The Ooh', 5.23 friday evening two lane road driving music... Thelonious Monk, 'I Mean You', 7.49 can there possibly be anything better than this? Donald Byrd, 'Hush', 7.30 exhilarating...bright...liberating.

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