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Andrew Beals & Alexander Mccabe - Bird's 90'th Birthday Concert

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Andrew Beals & Alexander Mccabe - Bird's 90'th Birthday Concert


Andrew Beals & Alexander Mccabe - Bird's 90'th Birthday Concert

If Charlie Parker had not died tragically at the young age of 34, he would have celebrated his 90th birthday on August 29th 2010.
This concert recorded on Charlie Parker’s 90th birthday is a tribute to this iconic jazz saxophonist and beloved genius of jazz music.
Personally, I was apprehensive when Mark Morganelli approached me about this project;
The idea that I would be performing on a recorded tribute to Charlie Parker for commercial release smacked of hubris. After all, many other musical geniuses have made recordings dedicated to Charlie Parker - “Sonny Rollins Plays for Bird” and “Sonny Stitt Plays Bird” to name but two. I felt it would be presumptuous on my part to do such a thing.
On the other hand, Charlie Parker’s music should be celebrated by everyone, everywhere for all time. In that light I, along with my most excellent band mates Alexander McCabe, John Hart, Jon Burr, Steve Johns and his son Daryl, enthusiastically tried our best to pay tribute to the greatest jazz saxophonist of all time.
Andrew Beals
Happy Birthday Charlie Parker.
This concert was a great event put together by Mark Morganelli and Jazz Forum Arts. It was a pleasure getting together with terrific musicians and old friends to play the music of Charlie Parker. Parker was such an influential musician to so many of us that to make a recording to celebrate his 90th birthday was an honor. It was fun to team up with Andrew Beals, a great alto player, to choose the music and play the melodies, and, to perform with this fantastic rhythm section: Steve Johns, John Hart and Jon Burr. On the final tune "Wee" we were joined on bass by Steve's hugely talented teenage son Daryl - this is his first CD appearance. I'm sure they'll be many more in the years to come.
Enjoy the music!
Alexander McCabe
First Set. Songs and solo order.
1. “Dewey Square”; McCabe, Beals, Hart,
2. “Out Of Nowhere”; Beals, McCabe, Hart, Burr,
3. “Chi Chi”; McCabe, Hart, Beals, Burr,
4. “Star Eyes”; McCabe, Beals, Hart, Burr,
5. “Steeple Chase”; Hart, Beals, McCabe, S. Johns.
6. "Visa"; McCabe, Hart, Beals, Johns
7. "Bird of Paradise"; McCabe, Hart, Beals, Burr
8. "Diverse"; Beals, Hart, McCabe, Burr, Johns
9. "My Little Suede Shoes"; McCabe, Hart, Beals, Johns
10. "Wee"; McCabe, Hart, Beals, Johns
All songs written by Charlie Parker except "Out of Nowhere" (Johnny Green) and "Star Eyes" (Raye and DePaul) and "Wee (Denzil Best).



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