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UPC - 660652901829
Barney Kessel - Autumn Leaves

Release Date - May, 2000

Autumn Leaves - 4.51
Corcovado (Quit Nights) - 3.29
On A Clear Day You Can See Forever - 4.45
Aquarius - 5.06
You'Re The One For Me - 4.16
The Look Of Love - 4.09
I Will Wait For You - 3.21
Watch What Happens - 3.37
Blue Soul - 4.04
Coming Home - 7.42
Shuffin' - 3.08
Qual Bait - 3.19
Watch The Birds Go By - 5.20

Barney Kessel was for years considered the finest jazz guitarist since the great Charlie Christian. Like Stitt, Kessel was born in 1924, but he was an Okie from Muskogee with a feel for the blues and a lyrical way with a melody line. Kessel paid his early dues in the bands of Ben Pollack, Charlie Barnett and Artie Shaw. By the 1950s the gifted young guitarist had hit full stride and was putting out annual hits—The Poll Winners—with bassist Ray Brown and drummer Shelly Manne. Kessel was also a founding member of the Oscar Peterson trio. Autumn Leaves presents the artist in the full flower of maturity. The CD brings together four recording sessions made in London and Los Angeles in 1968 and 1969, and it’s a tour de force for Kessel. Listen to his rich, virtuosic work on the title cut or his lovely treatment of
I Will Wait for You” and
Watch What Happens,” from Michel Legrand’s score for The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. For an example or two of Kessel’s way with the blues, try
Blue Soul,” and
Comin’ Home Baby.” 1. Autumn Leaves (b) 4:51, 2. Corcovado (Quiet Nights) (c) 3:29, 3. On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (b) 4:45, 4. Aquarius (b) 5:06, 5. Youíre The One For Me (a) 4:16, 6. The Look Of Love (c) 4:09, 7. I Will Wait For You (a) 3:21, 8. Watch What Happens (a) 3:37, 9. Blue Soul (d) 4:04, 10. Cominí Home (d) 7:42, 11. Shuffliní (d) 3:08, 12. Quail Bait (c) 3:19, 13. Watch The Birds Go By (a) 5:20 (a,b and c) Barney Kessel (guitar), Kenny Napper (bass), John Marshall (drums), (d) Barney Kessel guitar Recorded at Polydor Studios, London October 29, 1968 (a), October 30, 1968 (b), October 31, 1968 (c)

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